Swishy’s 2 homers help Yankees reach 90 wins

   Hey, everybody! I haven’t posted in, like, a week! My internet was down. I missed this!

    Yesterday, Swisher hit 2 home runs at Yankee Stadium. He hasn’t been hitting too many home runs-he’s been hitting away-runs. He’d hit 21 coming into yesterday’s game on the road, but only 3 at home. He increased his home run production at home by 67% last night.

     Derek fell short again in his pursuit of the Iron Horse. I feel bad for his parents because they’re in New York and watching every game, but he’s just not getting hits. Poor Mr. and Mrs. Jeter. My das joke last night by th end of the homestand, he’s going to be under .300.

The New Joba Rules

   It seems like every day the Yankees are changing the rules on poor Joba. He’s starting every eight days and going as long as we want him. No, wait, he’s starting every five days and going 3 innings. No, wait…

    I guess it worked out yesterday, though, as they got 3 innings and two runs out of Joba and added their 82nd W to the win column. In an 8-3 win highlighted by a 5-run inning highlighted by Teix’s blast for hist 99th, 100th, and 101st RBIs, a league-leading total and the first AL player to get to the century mark in RBI.

     We got 3 brilliant innings out of Ace Aceves, 0.1 from David Robertson, 0.1 from Damaso Marte, 1.1 out of Philthy Hughes, and 1 more out of Philthy Coke to cap off an 8-3 victory, with Ace the winner. That’s Ace’s 9th win. He has more than some of the Yankee starters! I really like this new, homegrown Yankees bullpen (Marte counts, because he orginally came uo through the Yankees system before being traded away.)

     Oh yeah did I mention, it was a SWEEEEEEEEP! 

Finally, MitrK comes out!

   I thought I saw flashes of brilliance a couple of games ago when Mitre struck out 6 batters in 3 innings, but it all tumbled downhill from there with an error by cano (although it was really a throwing error by Sergio himself). But finally, we saw the guy who we thought we were getting when we decided to sign this guy, coming off Tommy John surgery and a 50 game suspension for drug use. He pitched 6 1/3 innings of shutout ball before getting hit by an AJ Pierzynski (is that how you spell it?) batted ball on the arm. His sinker, which before wasn’t sinking, finally came around.

    Of course, the Yankees offense came to the ballpark ready to play, roughing up former Yankee Jose Contreras. “El Titan de Bronze”, Fidel Castro nicknamed the Cuban defector. He was supposedly going to be the next big thing for them when he was signed before 2003, with the Yanks blowing away Boston’s offer of $23 million with $32 million (by the way, he ended up getting traded for rotation filler Estaban Loaiza midway through 2004, a guy who won 21 games the previous year but other than that had never won more than 11). Contreras, other than having two decent years and helping the Sox to a title in 2005, has been terrible in his stateside stay. He is leading the AL in one category-losses. Even Ozzie Guillen, the manager, was asked why he was being used, and he said “Because we don’t have anyone else”. Not exactly a vote of confidence.

    Anyway, back to the game. El Titan de Bronze gave up 8 runs, although his succesors gave up 2. A-Rod homered, but other than that, it was mostly small ball-singles, sacrifices, that sort of thing. Even Jose Molina picked up a run scored.

    Tomorrow, Joba will start, and is going to be started every 5 days for the rest of the season. So get the brooms out, Yanks, it’s time for a sweep!   

The Andy of Old

That’s something we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Andy’s been pitching great in the second half (oh, by the way, he tied Lefty Gomez for third most wins as a Yankee, only behind Red Ruffing and Whitey Ford-congratulations, Andy). It’s no surprise that he’s been a second-half pitcher this year-he always is. He, like CC, seems to heat up as the season goes along, which is fine by me. It’s better to get better as the season goes along rather then get a big lead in the divison early on and then lose it.

     In the eight inning, there was a bit of a scary moment. With Bruney working on the Rangers’ cleanup hitter, he hit a fould tip that jammed Jorge’s finger in. Girardi said in a press conference that he was day to day, and that he jammed it a couple of weeks ago but it had been starting to heal. I hope this isn’t for an extended period of time, because then we’d have to use Molina (again) and we’ve had a taste of him a little too much. Let’s just say he’s not as offensivley gifted as his brother, Benjie. Or even his other brother, Yadier. But he is a great defensive catcher. Jorge is a better offensive catcher than Jose (no offense Jose-you’re still great at throwng runners out) which was showcased when Jorge blasted a home run deep into the New York sky to give the Yankees a 3-0 lead last night.

       AJ’s starting tonight, and Posada’s injury is a convinent reason not to play Posada with him tonight. He’ll be opposed by 4-2 Dustin Nippert. It’ll be the rubber game of the series. C’mon, AJ! 

The Home Run Monster

   That’s what Hideki Matsui has become. Godzilla’s just cranking out homer after homer after homer. He had two-not one TWO!- multi homer games in this series, which brings his total to 4 in the last 3 games. He had another multi-homer game against Seattle two weeks ago, also.

   The Yankees followed Hideki’s trend and homered 5 times against Beckett. Jeter on the first pitch, Matsui, Cano, A-Rod, and Matsui again. For a total of 8 runs over 8 innings. And, we won the series, which justified the thrashing that they gave us on Saturday. And were also 7.5 up on them again. I’m not saying the race for the AL Eastis over, but it very well could be soon.

   We’re playing the Texas hitting machine tonight, and I its Joba against Kevin Millwood. Millwood isn’t too bad,he’s 9-8, and led the league in ERA a couple of years ago. I would say it would be a hitting duel, but both pitchers are pretty good, so it’s going to be a good game.

Reversal of Fortune

   Man, that was ugly. I watched until the bottom of the first, when Jason Bay hit a double to make it 3-0. I knew we were in for a rout right then. I left the room.

   I guess we had it coming. Just like the Red Sox couldn’t win all of their games against us, we can’t win all of our games against them. But 14-1! That’s a laugher. I didn’t even read the recap. When they lose by a lot, I never do. I’m to disgusted.

   Well, at least they got one. But the obliterated AJ. I can’t believe it. They really socked it to him.

   At least we’ve got red-hot CC up on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN tonight. It should be real good. CC against Beckett. Do you think it could be like the second game of the 4-game sweep. I do.

    Or at least make it close. I heard this might be a battle for the Cy Young. Beckett’s stats are a little better, but maybe if CC wins it, he can keep rolling, and Beckett will go south. Maybe CC can win 20 games. Hey, this game, the next in August, and 4 in September. Doesn’t sound too far fetched, does it? Hey, I had a great idea-why don’t you comment on my page, and offer your thoughts on whose going to win 20 games and a Cy Young? 

Boston Massacre: Edition 2009

   Gee, I haven’t commented in, like, what-a week? Man, its been a long time! Sorry I was gone. I was in a nice sunny spot on vacation, but I didn’t have the ‘net with me.

    But anyway, it sure did look like Boston Massacre part 2009. That was quite a bashing! 20 runs-WOW! It would’ve been a more embarassing 20-7 if not for Edward Mitre came in and gave up 4 runs in the 9th (for those of you who don’t know, there’s 2 Mitres-Sergio Jekyll and Edward Mitre).

     I gotta make this short, but 2 homers and 7 ribbibes from Godzilla, 4 hits from Alex, 3 from Teix, and more from plenty others (other than Damon-feel better Johnny!) is plenty firepower.

     AJ’s on the hill tonight, then CC Sabathia- go, alphabet pitchers! 

Yanks Crush M’s!

   Man, I wish I could’ve seen last’s nights game. I love that kind of game, where the pitcher is dominant and the batters score a ton of runs. Unfortunatley, I was sleeping when this was all happening, ’cause it was out on the west coast and at 10 o clock. I only watched the until the second inning (with the Yankees up 2-0) when I felt confident enought that they were going to win.

   But what a blowout! 11-1! Godzilla, filling in the cleanup hole for the injured A-Rod, had a monster night with 2 homers (18 and 19) and 5 ribbies. The captain delivered with a homer himself. Teixera and Melky had an RBI, and Hariston added 2. The other run was scored by an Ian Snell wild pitch.

   CC was awesome. He’s pitching again like he was in May and June-he’s pitching like the $161 million dollar man. He pitched 8 innings, saving the ‘pen except for 1 inning out of Bruney, and struck out a season high 10. He gave up only 3 hits and 1 run (a homer by some guy named Wilson who just got called up) and lowered his ERA to 3.74. He picked up his 13th win  (tied with Verlander for 2nd in the league: he’s 1 behind Beckett.)

   Hope they can do it again tonight. Oh yeah, and feel better A-Rod!

Lucky Number 70

   It certainly was for the Yankees. They got to their 70th win, the first in the MLB to do so. And they did it in flamboyant fashion.

    Down 4-3 in the 8th after they had given Joba a 4-3 lead… 


And then…


   And just like that, the Yankees were ahead 5-4. They padded on 2 more, then handed the ball to Mo. He got the first guy to line out before giving up a home run to Edwin Encarnacion. He gave up another hit, and then shut ’em down for his MLB-leading 33 save. He’s got the rest of August and September to get 40, which I believe he will.

    By the way, what do you think the Yankees final W-L record will be? Please comment on my page about that and share your thoughts.  

Sergio Jekyll and Edward Mitre

   I was trying to think of something for this entry watching the game yesterday. After watching the first 3 innings, I decided that I would title it MitrK, for strikeout. Sergio had MitrK’d 6 batters throught the first 3 innings. If he kept up that pace, he would’ve struck out 18 over 9. But in the 4th inning, it all exploded. He got a couple of men on base, then made a great snare but threw wide of the bag, a play which they gave Robbie Cano an error. Actually, it was kind of an error on both of them. It was a bad throw, but catchable. Mitre should’ve taken his time and thrown a strike.

   The first 3 innings for Mitre and the last 2 were so utterly different that it was like a different guy was pitching. Sergio Jekyll made an appearance for the first 3 innings, but Edward Mitre, who we’ve been seeing more often, scared Sergio Jekyll away, and pitched awful for the final 2.

  All classic literature jokes aside, I hope, if Mitre provides one more bad start, that Joe will go to Gaudin. But we know what Sergio can do. He can be dominant and look like a number 1, and then look like an utter failure. We need a guy who can give us 5 good innings, not 5 bad ones. By “good” I mean 5 or 6 innings, 2 or 3 runs, about 3 out of every 5 starts. Not 5 runs, 4.2 innings. I look at Yankee fans’ blogs during Mitre starts, and it always says, “Mitre’s already in trouble.”

   I hope Sergio Jekyll can come out, because he’s really a good pitcher. But if Edward Mitre comes out, I’m afraid we won’t be seeing any of them, because then he’ll be gone-designated for assignment.